Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cool amatuer and women div prizes

So I've spoken to an old friend of mine, IL13 tournament director, Kent Schafer about sponsoring my event. And wouldn't you know it, him being so generous, has decided that he was going to waive the admission fee, for two Colonial Spring 2 winners, to this summer Deaf National Disc Golf Tournament!
So this only applies for two divisions, all men amatuer and women. So whoever wins the amatuer and plans on going to IL13, will get their ticket punched for admission! However, you must plan on going! If the winner of the AM div wins but has no intention of going to Springfield, then the fee waiver will apply to the runner up, if that person chose not to go, then it will continue to fall down the rank until it lands on the person who is definitely going. If you win, that will be a 50 dollar waiver however if you want to play in a different division at IL13, then you will have to pay extra yourself.
Now, as for the women division, this is where it gets interesting, I'm not going to give the free admission to the winner of the women but will give it to the winner of the CTP. Again, if you're planning on going to IL13,  then by all means, better get yer disc in really close. I will also have the CTP pool going at CS2 for those who are not planning on playing for IL13 free ticket.

So if you want to go to IL13, this is your chance to play.
Do you have what it takes to win?

10 year anniversary Discraft Buzzz edition raffle

I'm raffling off the 10 year anniversary Discraft Buzzz edition, you have a chance to win this!
All money will go to Colonial Spring 2.
Tickets are;
$2 for 1 ticket
$4 for 3 tickets
$10 for 7 tickets
$20 for 14 tickets
Contact me at

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Ok, it has been brought to my attention that on the video, I mentioned the date, May 16th which is really on thursday so with that being said, the actual date for Colonial Spring 2 is on May 18th on a Saturday!
I'm sorry for the confusion and hope many of you can make it to the tournament!
Its on boys and girls!!!!!